Wellington Village Market

Business Name: Wellington Village Market
Locations: Elyria, Lorain, Sheffield Lake, Sheffield Center, OH

They piloted our program on one store, and got such an awesome response within the first three months, that they purchased four additional packages for their other locations.

“We LOVE what a targeted marketing approach the Text Marketing gives us, we’re right in the ears of the people who want to shop at our store. It’s been a great way for us to flush out inventory that we need to sell quickly while rewarding our loyal customers at the same time. We typically target Wednesdays, which is always our slowest day of the week, and do an over-the-top offer that’s valid that day only. On average, we’ve seen a 15% increase in sales every Wednesday solely because of the text program, that’s usually about $6000 per store and we have 5 locations so it comes out to about $30,000 per week. The response also continues to get better the bigger our lists get. We are definitely thrilled with the response we’ve gotten, there’s nothing out there like it!”

Now they have 2,163 total subscribers on their lists!

Example messages:
Village Market: ERA laundry detergent, 96 load (150oz), REG or HE. $6.98 limit 2! TODAY 7/18 only! FWD to a FRIEND!

Village Market: COOL OFF with 6ct. North Star twin pops! $.59 limit 2. TODAY 7/11 only. Must show text to cashier. FWD to a FRIEND!

Village Market: CAPRI SUN 10 pks $0.99 limit 2.TODAY 6/27 only. FWD to a friend! www.wellingtonvillagemarket.com

Village Market: DM 2%, 1%, or skim gal. MILK $1.98 limit 2. TODAY 6/13 only. FWD to a friend!

Charyl Lentz July 27, 2012 at 5:30 am

Now this story is a true example of ROI. Wow, every grocery store needs this type of unpreditable profit. Image how much fun they are having with this program? Talk about taking control of your success!

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