Our Approach

Fully Supported = Fully Successful

CloseBy Text Marketing provides local businesses an effective mobile marketing platform backed up by the full support and guidance of an on-call text marketing expert.  We launched in late 2010.  Today, CloseBy Text Marketing serves over 2,000 independent businesses, ranging from single location restaurants and auto repair shops to the multi-location franchisees of national chains such as Subway, Burger King, and McDonald’s.

Technology + Personalized Expertise

Small business owners have zero “extra time” to “figure out” text marketing on a trial and error basis.  Complications?   Wasted time?  Missteps?    Not with CloseBy Text Marketing.  We match simple, intuitive technology with the support of a dedicated Text Success Coach.  You’ve got a business to run.  We make text marketing easy, so you can focus on making money.

Simple + Effective = Profitable

You need an uncomplicated, cutting edge way to drive sales, engage clients, and encourage customer loyalty?  CloseBy Text Marketing was designed specifically for you.  We make text marketing simple, fun and profitable.

We Get Local Business

Our company has deep roots helping mid-sized businesses thrive.  We began in business 15 years ago as a publisher of community telephone directories, with a mission of serving local merchants and their nearby customers by producing convenient, single-town phone books.  We’ve grown steadily to become the nation’s largest publisher of hometown phone books, with 350 full time employees and nearly 50,000 small business advertisers.  We understand the real marketing needs of local business owners.