Israel Vazquez, the owner of El Toro Mexican Restaurant uses CloseBy® Text Marketing to turn a common problem in the restaurant business into a consistent money-making opportunity. Food waste due to expiring inventory is a significant cost center of every restaurant.  Recognizing the power of a text delivered to hundreds of potential customers at the same time to drive sales and manage inventory, Vazquez purchased CloseBy® Text and began building up his subscriber list. Today, El Toro has grown their subscriber base to nearly 1,500 customers, and this allows him to offer specials in real time, and to manage customer flow with predictability and precision.  While most of the time he sends messages himself using the easy to use platform interface, on busy days when he lacks the time to draft a message or simply needs ideas or advice, he calls his dedicated Account Manager for assistance.  His results with CloseBy® have been dramatically successful evidenced here by his comments:

“We have been using CloseBy® Text Marketing since 2015, and I can honestly say that it is the best form of marketing for my business!  I have tried everything in the past from social media, back of receipt coupons, and much more.  These were all very expensive and I would never see instant results. With CloseBy® Text Marketing, I have people coming in within 30 minutes of a text message being sent out!  On a typical Friday I usually get over 30 text redemptions, which is huge for me and my employees.  My customers love that they do not need to clip a coupon for savings as the offer is right on their cell phone!  My employees love the program also because they know when a text goes out the restaurant will be busy which in returns means they will have more tables and tips!  

I have added discount code buttons on my POS terminals in my restaurant so I can see how many redemptions we get from any given offer. I spend $1,250 for the year but I make OVER $33,300 from the text marketing program! That is AMAZING price for such an effective annual program.  I honestly feel that every business should try the CloseBy® Text program for one year. During that year, work on building your list and getting as many people on the program as possible and send offers consistently! I guarantee you will love the results and have the program for many years to come. The price is a low cost for advertising, and the results will make you regret not trying it sooner!”