Though approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. every year, Mondays are typically the slowest day across the restaurant industry, especially for family-owned restaurants in small towns. Recognizing this as a solvable business problem, Mark Walkey, the owner of Mark’s Pizza, purchased CloseBy® Text Marketing for the first time to increase direct customer outreach and to change the tempo of his business on the slowest day of the week.  He began working closely with his dedicated Account Manger to figure out the best timing and offer. Quickly, he was able to discover that sending a special on Mondays at 2:30pm was the right formula to get his Mondays to start looking like Fridays. Today, Mark’s Pizza consistently offers great deals through their text program, and has even had to increase Monday staffing levels to accommodate their strong demand.  In his own words, Mark had this to say about his experience with CloseBy® Text:

“What I love about CloseBy® Text Marketing is that I can always take a slow day and make it a busy day within minutes of a text being sent! I am not a tech savvy person, and I am also pretty hard on myself when it comes to having a slow day. All I have to do is call my dedicated Text Specialist. She cheers me up and always gives me great ideas to drive sales now. I knew Valentine’s Day would be slow so I was hesitant to send a message out. I spoke to my Specialist and she convinced me to send a text message! This text for a heart shaped pizza for $11.99 resulted in 55 orders! This one text message generated me OVER $650 in one night. I would personally recommend the CloseBy® text program to any business that has perishable goods or retail items to sell.”