With the Closeby®Text program, business owners are not limited to the number of subscribers they can have, really allowing them to grow their business. Wired Nutrition owner, Kimberly, recently joined the Closeby®Text program, allowing her to connect with her customers on a more personalized level. In just a few short weeks, KAWith many of her customers signed up to receive updates, specials, and sale notifications via text, if Wired Nutrition has a slow day or needs to move inventory in a timely manner, Closeby®Text is there to assist!

Her results with CloseBy® have been dramatically successful evidenced here by her comments:

Our business started with CloseBy® Text Marketing back in September 2021. We love how easy it is to be able to get in touch with our best customers! The online system is really user friendly. I like to say, if I am able to use the system, anyone can. I’ve had my customers come through the door showing me their text messages with the deal we sent out. What a great way to be able to get in touch with your best customers!

See below for examples of text messages that Wired Nutrition has sent out:

Message Name: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Message Text: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We are celebrating with Happy Hour all day long! Mix and Match. Don’t forget to wear green! Hope you have a lucky Day!

Total contacts included in blast: 130

Message Name: $2 Tuesday

Message Text: Happy 2/22/22 Tuesday!!!! Buy 2 Mega Teas/ Iced Coffees today and receive $2 off your order!

Total contacts included in blast: 125