An oil change or general tune-up may not always be the first thing on a person’s list of things to take care of.  Billy Hayes, the owner of Hayes Auto & Truck Repair, knew CloseBy® Text Marketing provided a unique, direct approach to reaching his customers.  To keep his business and his client’s vehicle service needs top of mind, Hayes uses his text program to schedule regular maintenance reminders and to send real time discounts.

One such text promoted an Air Conditioning Tune-up for $129.95. Five customers came in to redeem that offer during a period when the shop would have otherwise been far less busy.  This single text, typical of the kind of content that Billy sends, garnered the business over $650 in revenue.  Here’s what Hayes had to say about his experience with CloseBy® Text Marketing:

“I cannot say enough positive things about CloseBy® Text Marketing! I have been using the service for over two years and my business has never been better!  I work with my Text Specialist who is truly amazing.  She has helped me so much that I consider her part of my family!  She calls me monthly and we set up text messages for the month. She always has such great ideas and suggestions!  We do not send out a ton of text messages. We typically send between 4-8 messages per month, and I see a minimum of five redemptions per month! You may not think that is a lot of redemptions but my average repair ticket is $250, so five redemptions a month makes me $1250!  I can honestly say that the CloseBy® Text Program pays for itself at least eleven times throughout the year! I also signed up for the OPTIMA™ Program! It is amazing when you trust someone what it does for you and your business! My account manager for my text program sends offers to my OPTIMA™ Account Manager, and they post the offers for me…online! It is awesome that they work together. Without my two account managers my business would not be where it is today! These two products are truly the best forms of advertising I have EVER done!”