Reservations streamline the efficiency of a restaurant to turn over tables and eliminate wait time for paying customers. The owners of Silvercryst Supper Club found a creative use for the text program to fill their reservation calendar without relying on a separate reservation service.

To ensure a packed house on New Year’s Eve, the owner scheduled a reminder message to convey a sense of urgency in booking early for the holiday.  After this text message was sent, twenty reservations were booked within two days!

Read what Jane has to say about her CloseBy® Text Marketing Program below:

“We have been using CloseBy® Text Marketing since 2011 and we cannot even begin to explain how wonderful this program is!  What I like the most about CloseBy® Text Marketing is the ability to send out specials, information and deals to our most loyal customers!  I also love that the online system gives us the option to schedule messages in advance.  This is an awesome feature because we typically have events planned months in advance, so it is nice to be able to get all of our marketing in-line with all of our upcoming events.  In our dining room we only allow reservations a few times a year for specific holidays.  Typically 3-4 weeks prior to the holiday we send out reminders via text that we are now taking reservations.  It is awesome to see the phone start ringing as soon as the first text message goes out about reservations.  This past year we were filled with reservations for prime-time dining for New Year’s Eve within the first three days!”