Popcorn is best when it’s fresh, so manager Sandy McGonagle, needs to move her inventory as quickly as possible, while also making sure she keeps enough product to fully stock their shelves.  As any business owner in the food industry knows, when inventory expires it’s like throwing money away.  Because of this, Sandy has been relying on her CloseBy® Text Marketing program to help her move those products since 2015!

With many of her best customers signed up to receive updates, specials and sale notifications via text, if The Popcorn Factory has a slow day or needs to move inventory in a timely manner, CloseBy® Text Marketing is there to assist!

Around Halloween, The Popcorn Factory was having a slow Wednesday afternoon. Sandy’s CloseBy® Text Specialist quickly created and sent a text offering $15 “Boo Bats Backpacks” full of Halloween treats! Soon the store had 10 additional customers drawn in by the deal.

Endorsement: “The best part about CloseBy® Text Marketing is being able to reach my customers within minutes!  Preparing an email can take an hour or more, but I can send a text message in literally less than a minute using my mobile phone! The text program has allowed me to quickly reach my customers and help liquidate inventory that needs to move fast! It has also allowed me to create relationships with my customers because they get the messages come in more often! I usually see an immediate response when I send an offer to our customers! Anywhere from 5%-10% of my list comes in to redeem, which is a significant increase in business! I love my CloseBy® Text Marketing Program!”