CHOMP Delivery of North Liberty, IA has taken a bite out of the CloseBy® Text Marketing Program and their all-in attitude is doing wonders for their business. They have been with CloseBy® since January 2018 and have built up in incredible text list of 218 contacts. Text marketing is an easy way for CHOMP Delivery to connect with their customers, as they primarily work through orders on their website and do not have a lot of face-to-face contact with their customers. However, that doesn’t stop them from using their Text marketing program to drive business.

Hear from CHOMP Delivery on how CloseBy® has changed the game for their business:

“…We like that we can send out texts to highlight special offers, changes in delivery times due to holidays or inclement weather. Text is such an EASY and QUICK way to connect to our customers, we can send out a text and typically start to receive orders within 30-45 minutes! Working with our account manager she explained how we can incorporate links in our text messages, this is extremely helpful as we can NOW drive customers back to a specific page on our website! We have found that by adding a link to our texts it makes the buying decision so much easier for our customers! Easier buying decisions = more orders which makes our business more money.”

Read some of the messages CHOMP Delivery has sent out to their customers so far:

  • Deal of the Day ends in 30 minutes at 2pm! Shakespeare’s Pub & Grill Jam Burger for ONLY $9! See info here:
  • It’s National No Dirty Dishes Day! Let us make Clean Up EASY … order dinner now Share text with friends!
  • It’s TWOsday, 2/22/22!! Set your reminders as we are offering 22% off your order with code “TWOsday” starting at 2:22PM for 22 minutes!
  • Amazing special running today! Get -1% off your order… April Fools! Use code APRILFOOLS for 10% off!