With CloseBy® Text Marketing, Slabby’s Food Freedom of Frankfort, IN is solving one of the main problems small business owners encounter – expiring inventory. Joseph Bookwalter of Slabby’s Food Freedom uses the easy to navigate text platform to get messages out to his 62 contacts on their text list in order to push inventory and bring in customers. With a year of CloseBy® Text Marketing under their belt, Slabby’s Food Freedom has never had an easier avenue to communicate with their loyal customers.

Hear from Joseph Bookwalter himself on what CloseBy® does for his business:

I like the CloseBy® Text Marketing Program because it makes communication easier. Most people have their phones close at hand. It’s great that we can get specials out and they know about them almost instantly. We have had many people come in and tell us they actually came because they received a text from us! I love that I can see that people are coming in from my text. It has been great with pushing inventory before its expiration date. We are having a great time with the program. Sending out messages is fun! The online system is extremely easy to use! We are so happy with the success we have already had with our program and we can’t wait to see where we are at the end of the year!”

Read some of the messages Slabby’s Food Freedom has sent out to their customers so far:

  • Smoked Turkey and Gumbo are back on the menu. Open Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11-8 765-670-6906
  • Shoooooot dang, we will be closed again tomorrow, February 4th. Saturday is a go!
  • **Buffalo Chicken Smoked Dogs**Turkey Noodle Soup**Chili Macs** call in your order 765-670-6906
  • Slabby’s’s will be closed the next two weekends. We will be back on Thursday, July 14 at 11 AM. Come on in before we shut down next week!