Bargain Center of Montgomery, IN, has been connecting with their customers through CloseBy® Text Marketing since 2015. Their most recent success with CloseBy® happened on June 20th of this year, when they sent out a text message that ended up bringing in $6,320 in sales – paying for the cost of their program five times over!

The text that they sent out read, “We are taking orders for young chicken drumsticks small in size for pickup next week Thurs. for $0.79 get your order in today 812-486-2815.” This message blast was sent out to their impressive text list of 1,024 contacts, (now at 1,053 contacts) and they were able to get 200 boxes pre-sold. If they were to keep up with this pace, after a text a month, they could be seeing $75,840 sales from text marketing this year.

Owner of Bargain Center, Rose Yoder, said it best:

“The text program typically pays for itself within the first few of months, you have to put in the time and effort to build your list but once you do that you are GOLDEN! I truly recommend this program to ANY business that wants to sell inventory, communicate information or stay top of mind with their customers! This is TRULY an AMAZING program!”

Read some of the messages Bargain Center has sent out to their customers so far:

  • Looking for Meat for your Memorial Day camp out? We have Boneless Pork Loin for 1.59# & 30# boxes of Troyer Bacon for 3.29#. FCFS 812-486-2815
  • We are sold out of the Bacon for today, but will be getting another shipment on Thursday. Give us a call at 812-486-2815 to place your order NOW
  • We are open today till 12:00 Have A Happy And Safe July 4th
  • We are taking orders for Contender Peaches 26.00 a 1/2 BU coming in to Bargain Center around 7-15 if interested give us a call 812-486-2815