Connect directly and immediately with your customers

As a Business Owner, You Need:  

  • Cut through the clutter so your message will not be missed
  • Share exciting news, sell expiring inventory, turn a slow day into a record day of sales, or to communicate urgent information quickly

At AMP, We Recognize:

  • That you have a business to run. Your time is money!
  • Great service and support are the most important part of any good marketing solution.
  • Simple technology tools are winning technology tools.

We’re Text Marketing Experts:

  • We have a decade of strong results providing effective, practical text marketing to family owned businesses.
  • Deep experience across every industry, we’ll advise you on how to run effective campaigns
  • Thousands of satisfied clients, who drive millions of dollars of extra sales every month.

Basic Features

  • Send Text Messages Instantly

    Our easy to use platform lets you reach out to your customers instantly and drive business when you need it most.

  • Schedule Text Messages

    You can plan and schedule messages to your customers around holidays promotions, seasonal deals, or calendarize repeating messages up to 1 year in advance.

  • Unlimited Subscribers

    We want you to cultivate a list of subscribers that continues to grow with your business so that you can stay really connected to your best customers.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    Your dedicated Account Manager will assist you with intelligent message creation and leveraging our various tools to help you grow your subscriber list.

  • Unique Keyword

    Customized to your business name or brand, you receive a unique keyword at no additional cost.

  • 24/7 Online Platform

    Our user-friendly online platform allows you to send and schedule your messages when you want – giving you total control.

  • Customized Promotional Materials

    Included with every program you receive a set of printed promotional materials that feature your logo and unique keyword.

  • One Offer Per Customer

    To encourage customers to join your list you may offer a special opt-in deal.  To prevent abuse we only allow a subscriber to get your offer once, after that they will just receive a standard welcome.

  • Web Site Opt In Tool

    We make it easy to invite people into your text program.  We create a custom text sign-on form that you can drop into your existing website to make it easy and convenient for your customers to join in.

  • Drive Traffic to Website and Social Media Using Text

    By using our automatic link shortening tool you can include links to social media or your website within your message — and still have characters available to inform or engage your customers.

  • Social Media Graphics

    We provide a set of graphics that can be used on various social media sites, helping you promote your new text program even when customers have not come through your doors.

Premium Features

Birthday Club

Everyone loves to celebrate their birthday.  Our completely automated Birthday Club feature allows you to send a “Happy Birthday” message to your customer on their special day.

Loyalty Rewards

Keep your subscribers continuously engaged by sending unique messages or offers based on the length of time a customer has been on your list.

Target Messaging

Premium text allows you to survey your customer’s preferences and tailor messages right to their requests.

Create Contests & Instant Winners

Engage your customers with exciting contests and instant win offers using our premium interactive messaging.

Mulitple Opt-In Offers

As new subscribers join you can choose to rotate your offers giving each new person something different.

The CloseBy® Text Approach

Select Your Keyword and Materials

Each text program comes with a 10-digit phone number and 4 to 8-character custom keyword.  Creating a clear and enticing Opt-In offer is the critical first step to driving text engagement with your customers. We design your custom promotional materials (table tents or stickers) using this special offer along with your logo, text number, and keyword.

Connect with your Account Manager

Right away our experienced account managers will begin to coach you through use of our time-tested best practices to build your list of subscribers quickly.  We’ll also guide you in the creation of perfectly timed messages that create awareness or drive sales.

Build Your List and Send Messages

Amplify your text marketing program and Opt-In offer through promotional materials, your website, and social media to drive engagement and boost your number of subscribers.  You can begin to send outreach messages immediately!

Text Fits Perfectly With All Your Current Marketing