Founded in 1988, Papous Tap & Grill is a Bar and Grill restaurant located in Aurora, OH. They have been a CloseBy® Text Customer since January of 2016. Owner, Frank Langos, uses the program to highlight their weekly specials and offerings. He loves to play off of fun holidays provided by his Text Account Manager. One of his favorite messages was for National Lobster Day when he got to feature his lobster rolls by sending out a quick text to his customers After seven years with the program, he his built his list to an impressive 292 subscribers!

Hear from Frank Langos about his success with CloseBy® Text Marketing:

“The CloseBy® Text Program is an asset for our business. I do not do deals or discounts. I only promote the food specials that I have going on. I can tell you that we are far busier on days we send a text compared to days we don’t. I have had a few instances where I forgot to send a text and I had my customers calling the restaurant asking where the text was. I receive the best feedback about the program which is why I keep it year after year. It is super easy to use. I have an ongoing appointment with my specialist where we discuss what we are going to send via the program. She always has great ideas on how to get more people through my door which I truly appreciate. It’s obvious that she truly cares and wants the best for me and my business.”

Read some of the messages Papous Tap & Grille has sent out to their customers:

  • Sunday FUN-day! Enjoy a Reuben, Turkey Melt on a Pretzel Bun, Fish Sandwich on Brioche with Americas favorite French Fries!!!
  • Saturdays call for Ribs, Old School Italian Sauteed Escarole and Cannellini Beans with a thick slice of Ciabatta, Peach Pie, and Brisket Wrap!
  • Mondays = Smashburgers with MyKayla! PLUS, a Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad!
  • We’re celebrating National Prime Rib Day with Prime Ribs at 4pm with Baked Potato, Green Beans, & a Salad! PLUS, Monk Fish Kabob and Blueberry Pie!