Convinced that she needed a new way to reach out to her customers and let them know when new inventory arrived, Sheleigh Metzger purchased CloseBy® Text Marketing in 2015 for her small boutique in beautiful downtown Bettendorf, Iowa.

Though starting from a subscriber list of zero felt overwhelming at first, Metzger leaned on the assistance and expertise of her dedicated Account Manager, placing the marketing materials prominently next to the register, and taking advantage of the tips and tools provided to get her staff involved with promoting the program.

Today, with a list of more than 600 clients, her hard work and consistency has paid off.  Bling Bling Sisters have seen consistent success with almost every message they send.  Drawing on a decade of experience, their dedicated Account Manager makes sure they send well-crafted and precisely timed messages.  Metzger had this to say about the program:

“The CloseBy® Text Marketing Program has done wonders for our business! What we love about this CloseBy® is that it is extremely user-friendly and reaches all of our customers! It has not only expanded our business but has also given our business an edge, if you will, over other small businesses! We get a lot of people who will bring in their friends and family. We’ve been compared to upscale boutiques in New York not only because of our great items, but because of this technology as well! We’re in Iowa! The program is user friendly as evidenced by our use of it! We are not technologically inclined, but with this program we are! We’re killing it, thanks to you guys!”