Convinced that she needed a new way to reach out to her customers and let them know when new inventory arrived, Janet Morgan purchased CloseBy® Text Marketing in 2015 for her small boutique in beautiful downtown Lebanon, TN. She has built up her text subscriber list to 837 customers. With the help of Janet’s dedicated account manager, she has been reaching her customers via CloseBy®Text since 2017. Closeby®Text allows Janet to schedule text messages in advance so that she can focus on his other job on running her own business.

Janet had this to say about the program:

“It was amazingly easy to grow our CloseBy® Text Marketing VIP list. We have over 500 VIP’s! Our customers really appreciate receiving our texts, and it’s astonishing how many responses we get. I was happily surprised by how many customers wanted to be on our VIP list. We get a huge response every time we send a text. I’m so happy with CloseBy® Text Marketing!”