William Slaugbaugh, owner of Freedom Country Store in Worthington, IN, operated his business without a cellphone or computer until 2016, when he signed up for the CloseBy® Text Marketing program. Prior to using text marketing, William relied on word of mouth and newspaper advertising, which cost him over $3,000 annually and did not guarantee that customers would see his ads. Compared to the cost of the CloseBy® Premium Text Program, sitting at $1,350 annually, saying goodbye to paper was a no-brainer for William.

When he first made the switch to CloseBy®, he depended on his team of dedicated account managers to help him navigate text for the first time. Now, after a few years of guidance from his team, he sends all of his messages on his own, and has seen a steady 10-15% increase in overall sales “year over year.” William’s success utilizing the CloseBy® Text Marketing program has allowed him to expand his business into carrying certain products year-round, which hadn’t been possible with his old ways of advertising. Not only is CloseBy® Text Marketing innovative and effective, but is also user friendly. Even William Slaugbaugh, who did not own a cellphone before 2016, was able to immediately drive results for his business, stating, “The platform is SUPER SIMPLE to use! If I can send out a text… ANYBODY can!”

Read some of the messages Freedom Country Store has sent out to their customers so far:

  • Freedom Country Store specials thru July 30 Lg Marble 3.69 Reg Swiss 4.99 Black Forest ham 4.29 Dutch loaf 5.49 We have Contender peaches, delicious!
  • Freedom Country Store Christmas hrs! CLOSING FRI Dec 24 at 12pm REOPENING TUES JAN 4 Still have Tupperware 15% OFF rest of this week! 812-875-3996
  • Freedom Country Store today’s special-20oz bacon $4.99 ALSO NEW! Dog food now available! Have a great day! 812-875-3996
  • Freedom Country Store Due to weather we are closed today.