For any business owner, there can always feel like there is not enough time in the day and marketing efforts are always pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.

Melissa Devine, owner of Devine Solutions, was not unlike other salon and spa owners in that she needed a marketing tool that would directly reach her loyal customers about her specials, open appointments, and new products without putting a lot of extra work on her plate. When Melissa joined CloseBy® Text Marketing we teamed her up with a dedicated Account Manager and provided her the necessary tools to encourage her loyal customers to join her new text program.

Read below how Melissa describes her experience with CloseBy® Text Marketing and positive impact on her business:

“As a business owner I’m always running around and worrying about something. What I like most about the CloseBy Text Program is that it takes one more behind the scenes task of running a business off my lap! I’m able to text my Text Specialist ideas of specials and she is a pro about wording them in a few sentences while keeping them fun and playful! The messages she creates always grabs my client’s attention while getting the point across! The program has benefited my business by giving me more time to focus on what I’m good at. The setting up of specials, timing, delivery, and marketing is what my specialist is good at. Also, I have heard my clients say that they forgot to book X-Y- Z appointment but when they received their text about my specials it reminded them to book! It absolutely helps with client retention. I love that it helps inform my customers about any new products or services that I’m offering. I never have to worry if they saw it on Social Media or not because it goes instantly to their phone! The program is EXTREMELY easy to use especially if you take advantage of the service that your specialist provides. Letting my Text Specialist do her job instead of me trying to do that was such a great decision! She is always quick and willing to help anyway possible! I LOVE the program and find it EXTREMELY beneficial!”