Beagle’s Bay Animal Hospital of Metropolis, IL is a great example of a business that uses their CloseBy® Text Marketing program to connect with their customers in fun and unique ways. Not only are they able to send out exciting offers and deals based around community and national themes, but they can also send out important information quickly and effectively. They signed up for CloseBy® in April of 2021 and have been sending out fun messages ever since to boost sales and bring customers through their door.

Hear from Deana Baker about the genius behind crafting unique messages and they ease of sending them out to customers:

“The CloseBy® Text Marketing program is so easy to use! I love the ability to schedule messages out in advance. I go off of the fun monthly calendars that are provided to get some fun message ideas! Our favorite part of the text program is that it’s fun, easy, and I can be creative or funny with the posts. Plus I love being able to schedule them ahead of time. For us it is usually a percentage off type of deal bring in the most ROI. Our phones start ringing when we do this. The biggest reason we signed up for the program is that it’s a fun and easy way to connect to our clients. Clients love to get positive and happy messages from us! It’s brought people in that may not have otherwise. I believe it gives us a competitive edge because it is unique for our type of business. Usually about 10% people take us up on our deals/specials. I think this is a great response.”

Read more of the messages that Beagle’s Bay Animal Hospital has sent out to their text list:

  • Today is social media day! Show us you checked in with us on Facebook or leave a review TODAY for 30% off your total!
  • Today is All American Pet Photo Day. Bring in your pet for a picture and we will post them on our Facebook page! 7/11 only
  • It’s the dog days of summer! Show this text and get 30% off exams. Valid July 3-July 31
  • Dr. Baker will be out of office June 13-17th but clinic will still be open to pick up refill medications.