Ear, Nose, & Throat Associates, P.C. of Fort Wayne, IN, knows firsthand about the power CloseBy® provides in communicating with customers and keeping appointments filled. Businesses that need to book clients can run into the issue of last minute cancellations or schedule changes leaving them open and needing to fill those spots. CloseBy® is the perfect solution for this common business problem! With CloseBy® Ear, Nose, & Throat Associates, P.C. is able to send out messages to their test list of 332 customers on specials offers and important information in a quick and effective manner.

Hear from Kyle Autrey on the recent successes for their Medical Spa:

“We have been using CloseBy® Text Marketing for about 7 months and we could not be happier! Having a text program for our Medi Spa has given us the ability to send out special offers and important announcements + information to customers Quickly & Effectively! I can say that EVERY time I send out a text we get a MINIMUM of three calls per text! Three calls may not seem like a lot but our average customer spends a MINIMUM of $150 per appointment! The text marketing program has already paid for itself more than two times!”

Read more of the messages that Ear, Nose, & Throat Associates, P.C. has sent out to their text list: