Found Fortunes is the premier discount store serving Fayetteville, GA, and the surrounding areas. Owner, Bonnie Pope, has enjoyed utilizing the CloseBy® Text Marketing program since December 2019. They currently have 275 subscribers on their Text list!

Being in the line of work where inventory changes quite frequently, it’s important to keep customers up to date with what’s in stock. Bonnie has found the CloseBy® Text Marketing program as a true asset for her businesses, allowing her to keep her customers up to date.

Let’s hear from Bonnie about the success she’s found with CloseBy® Text Marketing:

“We love the CloseBy® Text Marketing program! We use it mostly to announce new inventory and once we send that text out we have about 10 minutes to be prepared because we know our store will be flooded! We have a lot of customers who tell us how much they enjoy receiving a text compared to trying to hunt down our posts on social media. A large amount of our older clientele might not utilize social media so they love that we can send a message directly to their phone. The online portal is so easy to use. I usually just login and a message is out to my list a few minutes after. It is really nice that I receive regular check in’s with my account manager. She loves to give me message ideas, check in on the business, and brainstorm with me. This has helped our traffic flow so much and as a small business that is everything. It is by far my favorite form of marketing.”

Read some of the messages Found Fortunes has sent out to their customers so far:

  • BIG SALE today and tomorrow, lots of great items for only $1, all sales final, no returns, no exchanges 8:30-5:00
  • It’s clean up time!! Our shelves have been cleaned and we have lots of great $1 items, come shop 8:30-5:00
  • Lots of NEW items along the fence for only $20 each!! All sales final, no returns, no exchanges. NEW $$ boxes. 8:30-6:00
  • BIG sports memorabilia sale starting today, lots of great items at great prices, 8:30-6:00