Don’s Meat Shop was established in 1982 and has been a community staple in Hixon, TN, ever since! They first signed up for CloseBy® Text Marketing in October of 2019, and have built their list to 1,041 text list subscribers.

When owner, Don Rains, first signed up for the program, his goal was to stay top of mind with his customers. He accomplished this by promoting his business everywhere, such as Facebook, emails, mail flyers, and signs at the front of his store. Although these were and still are all great avenues to drive business, he was looking for something that would get to his customers faster and more direct. CloseBy® Text Marketing offered the perfect solution! His customers went from coming into the store 2+ days after a post or email, to arriving at the store within 60-90 minutes of a text being sent out. CloseBy® has proven to be a quick and easy way for him to connect with his customers.

Don had this to say about CloseBy® Text Marketing:

“You have to market your business everywhere, social media, website, online, etc., to be seen and you should market everywhere! I will tell you that CloseBy® Text Marketing is the BEST money you will spend on advertising! You get so much for your money: lots of messages, marketing materials, user friendly online system for message sending, and an Account Manager. I will NEVER not have this text program as it does so much for my business!”

Read some of the messages Don’s Meat Shop has sent out to their customers:

  • Fresh hanger steaks are back in stock. We also have plenty of Picanha, Wagyu ribeyes plus all of our other grilling items. Come see us today!
  • Still plenty of time to get your Easter needs. We still have spiral hams, lamb legs and chops, Wagyu briskets, angus briskets, Tomahawk Ribeye
  • Sale! Sirloin Picahna for only $8.99/lb Also boneless chicken breast every Monday. It is a beautiful day to grill something. come see us
  • Don’t forget that boneless chicken breast is on sale every Monday at Don’s Meat Shop also what a beautiful day to grill a steak. come see us