With large text list of engaged current customers, the owner of Next Door Pub, Amy Amann, uses CloseBy® Text Marketing Program to turn her slow days into go-go-go days!  Starting from zero, the team at Next Door Pub worked with their Text Specialist and the promotional tools provided with their program to build a big list of customers who love good deals!

Many of their messages are based on holidays, sporting events, or time-specific reasons to send a special offer.  On Mardi Gras, Amy and her Account Manager sent out this special to her loyal customers: “$5 off a 16” pizza”. That evening, thirty-five customers redeemed this special, driving over $600 in sales.  The immediate delivery of a text, and the unmissable ability of text to cut through the clutter to be read make text marketing a much better, faster, and less expensive solution than options like coupons or other forms of social media.  Nobody misses a text, and our phones are with us all day long.

The owner reports: “We LOVE the CloseBy® Text Marketing Program!  We like that we can access the program any time that we would like to send a text, and that it is SO easy to use. Texting is so INSTANT!  Not as many people are checking their email as often, and text marketing is an instant way to communicate with our customers!  We tend to send out a text on our slower days.  We have over 1,000 people in our text messaging program, and we tend to get about an average of 70 people who use the text on the day we send it!  These are some amazing results that we would not have without CloseBy® Text Marketing. On a slow day, those extra 70 people can make a big difference. We’re so thankful for our CloseBy® Text Marketing Program!”