Known for their handmade pizza, Gator’s Bar & Grill uses the Closeby® Text Program to fill their reservation calendar without relying on a separate reservation service. To ensure a packed house on Bingo Mondays or Pool Tuesdays, Wade, owner of Gator’s, sends out a text to let everyone know of the special deal he has going on!

Read some of the messages Gator’s Bar & Grill has sent out to their customers so far:

  • Today only 6pc. Broasted Chicken WING Dinner ONLY $5, choice of Potato & Salad, Slaw or Soup. Valid: 6/8/22. CALL: 219-662-0103.
  • On special tonight Fantail Shrimp Dinner -$8.97. Ocean Perch Dinner -$8.65. Cream Cheese Poppers -$5.98. Valid 6/03/22. Call: 219-662-0103
  • Purchase any Pizza and get an order of Cream Cheese Poppers for only $3.99! Fantail Shrimp Dinner -$8.97. Valid 4/22/22. Call: 219-662-0103
  • Try a 10 piece ORDER of our BONELESS Wings (any flavor) ONLY $6.97. Valid 4/7/21. CALL: 219-662-0103