Customer Since: December 2018

When Oveson Refuse & Recycling signed up for CloseBy® Text Marketing they hoped to create a new communication channel with customers particularly about holiday and weather related changes to route collection schedules.  Scheduling messages is easy, and their proactive outreach has resulted in a substantial reduction in customer service phone calls about missed collection.  Here is what they say in their own words:

“What I like most about the CloseBy® text Marketing Program is that it is so convenient to reach all of our customers in just one text.  We occasionally have to change our route collection days due to holidays or weather.  This informs our customers immediately of these changes.  If we know of a change in advance, I love being able to schedule a message for a future date.  It is also fun to see how many customers our messages will reach.  This form of communication has helped cut down tremendously on our missed collections and multiple telephone calls from dissatisfied customers.  We are so thankful for the CloseBy® Text Marketing Program!”