Customer Since: January 2015

At the Ultimate Arch Salon, owner Preeti Patel, uses her customers’ natural curiosity as a marketing tool.  Over the course of the past several years she has built her text subscriber list to 2,670 customers and she knows that they cannot help but open her texts to see what she is offering next.

Though she can schedule messages anytime through the online portal, Patel appreciates her Account Manager’s consistent outreach to make sure she is scheduling regular text messages to keep customers coming through the doors. One text asked customers to bring in a friend to receive 2 Brazilian waxes for $50! With this one text, Ultimate Arch Salon gained $3,200 in additional sales!

Patel recounts her experience with CloseBy® Text Marketing below:

“I love my CloseBy® Text Marketing Program; this is the quickest and easiest way for me to communicate with my customers on a regular basis. I just renewed my program and I currently have 2,670 customers on my text program and that number is growing continuously. I like that I can send out a special when I need business, or I can send out an announcement about new services or salon hours. When I look around everyone is always texting. I will be in the middle of a salon service, and if a customer’s phone dings because they have a text they have to get it. Text creates excitement and curiosity, and when anyone receives a text message they want to know who it is from and what it is in regards to. I sent out a text message on Thanksgiving Day wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and letting them know that the salon would be open till 2pm. I did not schedule any staff members, because I looked at last year’s numbers and we were very slow. I was there by myself, and I learned my lesson. I was packed! I made about $100 per hour, and everyone that came in said they received my text. In five hours I generated $500 in sales. No other form of marketing can do this for any business. I would highly recommend this program to any business owner who wants to drive business.”