Sending important information to residents through text allows the City of Eureka to cut through the information clutter and keep residents in “the know” for their most important announcements. Melissa Brown, City Office Manager, teams up with her dedicated Account Manager to execute messages and leverages the 24/7 online platform to inform residents about road construction related delays, upcoming events, and emergency closures or cancellations. CloseBy® Text provides marketing tools and expertise for a single low annual price, giving the City of Eureka peace of mind that the community is always connected.

Below is how Melissa Brown feels about the CloseBy® Text Program.

“CloseBy® Text Marketing has given us the best form of communication to reach all of our residents in a quick and timely manner! I personally love that I can access the online system for message sending from my desktop, laptop, or cell phone! It is amazing that I can send a message from the office, my house, or while I am on the go! Everything about the program is easy and effective! Our residents love that we have the text marketing program for the City of Eureka because it keeps them in the know of emergency situations and information! We have almost 900 residents on our text program and that number is constantly growing!”