Our First CloseBy® Spotlight of 2024 is Serendipity Boutique! Serendipity Boutique, located in Jacksonville, FL, has been a CloseBy® customer since January 2022. CloseBy® has been a huge help to Serendipity in establishing an easy and quick way to communicate with their customers. If there is ever a reason the store cannot open, it is so convenient to send out a text and save your customers the trip. As the seasons change and certain styles go on sale, the customers will be aware of the deals before they even enter the store.

Boutique owner, Karen Gruver, utilizes her text program quite often to inform customers about last minute hour changes, deals and promotions, and updates on products. There is a QR code to sign up for texts, right by the register, with a $5 off incentive for joining. Her list of text subscribers is up to 148 customers and counting! She discussed how easy the program is to use and how she has gotten great feedback from her customers.

In Karen’s words, “I’ve loved what the CloseBy® Text Marketing Program has brought to my business! It’s been a fantastic way for me to be able to communicate sales, announcements, and even some VIP specials right to my customers’ phones. Every time a customer comes in the door my staff and I will make sure they have joined our list. Once they join, I actually tell them to save the number in their phone as a contact under my business name. I’ve found that this has helped customers go back and look at past messages, or if they need to pull up the coupon quick they can just search for my name in their contacts. It’s been a really great way to help get my customers through the door.”

Karen leans on her Account Manager for assistance in writing texts. She enjoys having someone to help out with the marketing/texting because her business is extremely small. On a typical day, just her and one employee run the store. It’s been a huge weight off of Karen’s shoulders, having a reliable source handling her text marketing.

Take a look at some of the messages Serendipity Boutique has sent out recently:

  • Don’t forget Dipity Devotions Bible study this THURS w Sharon 6-7:15. Complimentary light snacks! Winter fall items 60% off see you soon!
  • Get 60% off all sweaters and jackets plus double rewards punches this Saturday. Don’t miss out on these cozy deals!
  • Excited to announce a few new things – Dipity Devotions! Bible Study, Art Resin Class & a crochet class! Watch FB for details!
  • DISCOUNT APPLIED: Enjoy $10 off your next $50 expires 7 days from this text – show us at the register – see you soon!
  • Karen has come down with a cold, and is on the mend. We will be closed today, sorry for the inconvenience!